A change of scenery

At the beginning of November this year I found myself in a position that I hadn’t encountered for five years – since the end of the .com bubble. Redundant. The old company for which I worked went into administration with about one days notice for all 30 or so staff.

Interesource was a great place to work. A lot of very intelligent and often opinionated people gathered together under one roof producing some of the best work of our careers and helping shape the new web landscape.

We built sites such as DoggySnaps.com and MyTelegraph, campaign sites for the Conservative party (which got top billing on the Sunday evening iTV news), ProblemSolved.co.uk as well as a plethora of sites for leading UK charities and blue chip multinationals.

Anyway, what’s done is done, time to move on. Though not getting paid for October will take a little longer to get over.

The good thing is that, as far as I know, most of my ex-colleagues have found gainful employment either at other agencies or starting up on their own. That’s testament to the talent at Interesource that just one month after the demise of the firm no one is struggling for work.

As for myself, I’m back in the Creative Director’s chair spinning plates at a digital marketing agency, Pancentric. We have a great number of clients and I’m developing some of the accounts to embrace social media, as well as evangelising internally about all things digitally social. We have a very strong SEO offering and it’s interesting approaching the social media beast from a more marketing and brand awareness perspective.

Anyway, here’s to the future. I hope I’ll get chance as some point to work in such an environment with such a crowd of people as Interesource.

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5 Responses to A change of scenery

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  3. Uemit says:

    I am sad to hear about the end of Interesource – at the same time I guess I owe you a big ‘Thank you’ for changing my life end of last year – and from Creative Director to Creative Director: it was the best thing that could have possibly happened to me. As they say – You live, you learn. And then you earn more money. 🙂

    I might contact you if I should require any SEO needs.

    Take care,


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