I don’t know, but this makes me feel nervous.

An ex-colleague (sort of) just posted a link on facebook to an intriguing project, Have you got the nerve?

Basically they are looking for 3000 individuals who will become the ‘crucial foundation’ in the launch of a new breed of TV production company and share in it’s future profit – Have You Got The Nerve? You stump up 60 of your hard-earned pounds and become an executive producer.

In their words…

“Have You Got The Nerve?’ TV is a new breed of production company which is set to turn traditional media on it’s head. ‘Have You Got The Nerve?’ TV will work alongside you to create powerful projects and TV programmes, just like tribewanted. We will produce TV programmes about these projects which will broadcast around the World and will be followed online.”

Apparently the first ‘multi-media project’ needs to move into production with the band McFly and they are in talks with the social networking site Bebo.

It’s the brain child of Mark Bowness. And, in true, lazy blogging style, this is what he is all about

“In 2005 Mark Bowness created the concept Tribewanted and in doing so launched Worldwide business. A 200 acre island in Fiji was leased and over 1300 people signed up from over 27 Countries. Tribewanted was filmed during it’s initial 18 months and received a prime time commission from BBC2 as a 5 x 1 hour programme called ‘Paradise or Bust’. Alongside the TV programme entitled ‘tribewanted’ has been published through International publishing company, Random House.”

A quick root around that wonderful production by Messrs Brin and Page brings up all sorts of claims that Mark Bowness is a scammer. In fact, he is also known as Mark James.

Whatever, the whole things sounds pretty interesting. And, it’s either a great opportunity to get involved in some socially collaborative media productions or an elaborate, westernised 419 scam!

Just to confirm, as of writing, I have not invested and don’t know if I have the nerve to…

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5 Responses to I don’t know, but this makes me feel nervous.

  1. Mark Bowness says:

    Hey, I just came across this link whilst checking who has been visiting my site so I thought that I would write a little response.

    Firstly, thanks for taking the time out to comment on ‘Have You Got The Nerve?’ TV.

    With regards to the comments that you mention on the Jem Report, I would like to state that I have made a full response to these comments here: http://peoplepassionplanet.com/?p=155

    Furthermore, Jem has also made his own addition to his report which states:

    Ed. note: Since the original publication of this and the first Tribewanted article — or more appropriately, in part because of them — Mark Bowness seems to have matured greatly, acquired a more realistic business sense, and put his personal issues behind him. I have reason to believe that there are a handful of people on the Web who want to smear Mark because he does not live the life that they want him to — these are the people writing the anonymous blog comments and sending anonymous email messages to people like me. Though Mr. Bowness’ business dealings prior to Tribewanted may look suspicious, I’ve determined (as this article and research beyond its scope show) that what appears to be unethical behavior was merely a series of unfortunate coincidences, and the secrecy surrounding them had entirely to do with problems in Bowness’ personal life, and nothing to do with his business practices.

    I have learnt both that the internet is a powerful tool and also a tool that can bite you on the ass when you try and do something creative, something different.

    If anyone has any concerns.. always happy to meet up for a drink…

    Your site is great.. will add it to my rss feed.


  2. simonianson says:

    @ Mark

    I am very interested, I think there is great potential there and, as you say, the internet is a glorious tool.

    As I started to write the post it was only the stuff that cropped up in my searches that started to sway its direction.

    I might take you up on that drink.

  3. Mark Bowness says:

    Lets go for that drink! 🙂

  4. @simonianson,
    I hope that you didn’t invest in TheNerve!

    Its ran out of cash due to mismanagement. The creative crowd are resting around a new water cooler whilst they re-organise without MB

  5. LiamWillens says:

    …and now it’s ‘Rock Control’. Manufacture a group to release a song and try to get No#1 in the charts.

    Hang on, that sounds familiar doesn’t it?

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