A nest of remotes

A nest of remotes, originally uploaded by Rare Surname.

Was tidying the flat and had them all lined up. What struck me was how universally crap these things are.

If ever there was anything that was a blatant example of engineers designing products by determining injection moulding patterns then these must be it. Or, in a web sense, it’s the homepage by committee when everything must be on there.

The best way to design one of these would be to collect say 20 examples from random homes. See which buttons are either worn smooth or aren’t surrounded by general crud and give them main billing. Make ’em big and ergonomically aligned. Get rid of the rest.

I remember an ‘A’ level exam question in Design Technology which asked to design a TV remote. They had a list of 15 or so buttons and their frequency of usage. Marks were awarded for button placement and size of button in relation to frequency of use. If the majority of 18 year old students can get this stuff half right what the hell happens later in careers?

In this case, Bose and Apple (unsurprisingly), have it spot on. All buttons on my remotes from these two are well used and intelligently placed. When will other manufacturers learn?

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One Response to A nest of remotes

  1. kencimetta says:

    There is a site that sells just about every remote control ever made, http://www.remotehound.com.
    You won’t be surprised you’ll be shocked.

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