Anticipated, personal, relevant

As with all advertising, if you can hit these three things right then you have more chance of communicating your message.

Now and again you see some shining lights which just make you smile. Often the subtlest of touches are the most impactful.

Yesterday, whilst picking some of Moo’s great little MiniCards out of their box I stumbled across a small card inserted in amongst the rest [see image]. It was alerting me to the other services and products on offer from Moo.

Was it anticipated? not really, but it was completely in context and so very relevant. It felt very personal as someone had placed it in amongst my own order and as I had already bought one of their products it is entirely logical that I may be interested in their related products.

Moo Minicards

I think it was a Gaping Void sketch which said “If you talked to people the way advertising talked to people, they’d punch you in the face”. In this case, Moo deserve a very affectionate pat on the back.

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