Photoshop Express launches in beta

The much anticipated web-based version of Photoshop has launched. It’s a public beta. Initial reports say it is vastly cut down from the original. Surely not? You mean you thought they were going to do an entire online version in Flex and Flash and do themselves out of $[insert, large, number] of revenue each year? They even need to be careful not to overlap with Photoshop Elements. They’re also offering 2GB of free web space – which is nice.

Photoshop Express home page

Photoshop Express Home Page 

I haven’t used it yet, but will no doubt give it a whirl in the next few days. Even though I have a fully CS3’d up machine, I’ll look on this in the same way I treat my MacBook Air. A lightweight nut cracker to crack a nut home-based tool. An iPhoto retouching replacement rather than a Photoshop replacement – if that makes sense.

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