MacBook Air – GONE!

On arriving home last Friday we were greeted by a part open front window, footprints on the windowsill and gouge marks to the bottom of the window frame.

Suffice to say, we’d had a visit from some uninvited… [insert derogatory expletive]. They’d wrenched the front sash window, which had pulled the lock screws out of their holes. They must have used some force.

The list of missing items was small, but none the less distressing and, thank God, nothing of important or deeply sentimental value. However, as any Mac lover / user will say, losing your machine is a big thing. Especially if that machine is your 6 week old MacBook Air!

Yep, it’s gone. But thankfully my ‘main’ machine (MacBook Pro) was locked up at work and on which resides all my music, photos, apps and general clutter that you amass over time. The Air was pretty clean, standard install stuff, but I was still prompted to spend and hour in an internet cafe on Saturday morning changing passwords to things like flickr, jaiku,, pownce, WordPress, YouTube, facebook, linkedIn, the list went on. Anything else was backed up on my Lacie pocket drive.

Anyway, what’s done is done. I’m severely hacked off but thankfully, safe and well…

This has prompted me, however, to make a purchase of Orbicule’s, Undercover software. This will now sit on my Pro and new Air – when the insurance finally cough up. There would be nothing better that to track the thieving scumbags down with a bit of cyber investigation.

For what it’s worth, I will be publishing the serial number of the stolen machine when I hunt down the receipt. Just on the off chance…

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3 Responses to MacBook Air – GONE!

  1. Adam Osborne says:

    Sorry to hear about your break-in Simon. It’s a horrid thing to happen. I know how you feel as the same thing happened to me a few years ago. I hope your insurance was as swift as mine in supplying a replacement.

  2. Steve says:

    Hey Simon, sorry to hear your news! I always think it’s worse if sentimental things are taken so I guess you had “Glück in Unglück” there but it’s still a bugger to know they were there and that they have taken stuff. Especially something as new and expensive as the Air! I bet they’re Microsoft users anyway, b@sta@rds! Just a tip, make sure your home is well secured again now and anything expensive hidden away. My friend had a similar experience. They broke in nd took very little (just easily portable things). However, they came back about 2 weeks later and took a load more stuff – 1st visit was to get a lay of the land, I guess. Luckily they didn’t ever go in the box bedroom as he has that as a recording studio and was full with Macs, Protools, instruments, etc!!!!
    Anyway I hope all is well and that it won’t happen again. All the best,

  3. Eddie says:

    Gutted mate. May they rot.

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