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links for 2008-04-30

Simon Heys Portfolio of Tonic CD (tags: design blog portfolio graphics inspiration designer) swissmiss: How to work better (tags: work effective techniques tips) Defining the Designer of 2015 (tags: interaction design trends future designers capabilities skills) JOHN ROSS PHOTOGRAPHY (tags: … Continue reading

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links for 2008-04-24

Graphic Design: The New Basics (tags: design graphic reference resource) Trampoline Systems (tags: collaboration socialsoftware enterprise2.0 social corporate) (tags: Carbon climate design environment Green visualization presentation energy) Mac OS X: Common Pointer Icons and What They Mean (tags: Icons … Continue reading

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Spot the difference…

…or not! Don’t even get me started on this weak, unimaginative, feeble, blatant rip off. The original, brilliant, inspired, impeccably executed video for OK Go – Here It Goes Again. The rip off for Berocca.

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Future of web design conference London

Yesterday, I attended the Future of Web Design conference here in London. Organised by Carsonified (formerly Carson Systems), it was the usual blend of speakers; from one-man-band designer/developers to agency creatives and in-house staff. And no, no one said what … Continue reading

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The Ramp

Great story about the people of Oberpfaffaelbachen building a ramp to ‘launch’ the BMW 1 Series in the USA during the ‘Rampenfest’ festival. Check out the teeth! The stunt driver is gold! Watch it here. Obligatory Facebook page to accompany … Continue reading

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