New site launch – Fridge Raiders Chicken Bites

After weeks of hoop-jumping with the YouTube API, the new Fridge Raiders site, aka ‘Carnivorous World’ went live quietly at the end of last week. I say quietly as there was a TV ad going out at the same time but, alas, despite pleading with the client, the URL failed to make it into the final frame of the ad. This was disappointing and has forced us to spam all our friends; getting them to join the Facebook group or befriend the star of the ad on MySpace in order to spread the word about the accompanying competition.

The new TV ad

Back to the site. We devised a competition to ask users to view the new TV ad, film their own alternative ending and upload it to the site. When you watch the shortened ad, it throws up all sorts of possibilities for video shenanigans. The winners (as voted for by the public) will receive one of four DVD Camcorders.

We used the YouTube API as it allowed us to upload videos and video responses to YouTube direct from our own site and add/edit user and video metadata (titles, descriptions, ratings, comments, favorites, contacts). This saved a load of time and the pain of building out own software.

There’s the other usual stuff on the site, nutritional information and past competition winners.

We’re just waiting for the hordes of users to get their video phones out.

Fridge Raiders site home page

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