What people really think of brands

Although I posted it to del.icio.us yesterday and hence, it appeared in the link fest in the previous post, I thought this deserved a post of its own.

Bentley brand tags

Brand Tags is a great site that crowdsources opinion on various brands. They’re mostly very predictable, well-known companies but it’s interesteing to see what some people think of when a brand is presented to them.

For example, and I was ‘guilty’ of this. The most popular ‘tag’ for the Virgin brand is the name of the founder, either ‘branson’ or ‘richard branson’. This is similarly the case for Microsoft. However, Steve Jobs languishes down the list of Apple tags.

If I was the Pizza Hut marketing chief at the moment, I’d be panicking.

Although hardly scientific, I like the principle of this. Throw a lot of people at it and more interesting insight would come out of this than 100 online brand satisfaction surveys.

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