Street Art – Bankside London

Just round the corner from the studio there’s been some mysterious street artworks appearing over the last couple of weeks or so. Slowly at first, it’s as if it was happening in the dead of night. This week, however, the pace of productivity has stepped up a notch and all sorts of fluorescent hell has broken loose and really brightened up this drab nondescript alleyway.

I didn’t know the artist or the reason, but a little help from Google and all is becoming clear. The artist seems to be 3TTMan, a Madrid-based street artist. His own site is in Spanish, but from what I can gather (from Google translate) he’s a ‘stirrer of the environment’. 🙂 As we’re not far from Tate Modern, it’s no surprise that it’s all part of a street art exhibition starting tomorrow (23 May). More details can be found here.

Street art

As I only had my (admittedly poor) camera phone on me, the picture captured is less than great. I’ll try and remember my proper camera tomorrow and post some higher quality pictures.

If you’re interested in visiting, the works are on Bear Gardens, London, SE1. Incidentally, this was the location of various bear and bull baiting arenas back in Tudor times, but I digress.

[Update: Better photos uploaded to flickr]

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