Difficult is worth doing

Honda’s live ad aired last night where the plan was for a team of sky divers to attempt to spell out the word ‘Honda’ in a live jump in Spain. The opening line for the ad was ‘Difficult is worth doing’.

Difficult, in this case, was well worth doing and it’s a concept I love. In fact, I would have preferred to see that as the endline rather than the usual ‘Power of Dreams’.

One thing I would say. I know it was very ambitious and all that and they achieved it which is a superb effort on all sides. But, it would have been cool if they could have had a bigger team and created the silhouette of the actual Honda logo so that the whole thing built over the minute or so that they were free-falling. May have really reinforced the message. Just a thought.

Anyway here it is if, like me, you missed it.

Update: One of the planes that carried the skydivers has since crashed just south of Madrid, Spain, killing the pilot and one jumper. The other divers on board managed to jump free.

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