Modernista – aggregation in the extreme

Whilst browsing Business Week’s Best and Worst of the Web this morning there was one particular site which really struck me as something new.

We’ve all been using sites such as flickr, YouTube and for a while now to host our portfolios. I myself have a bunch of (badly organised) stuff on flickr which, somehow, persuaded my current employer to give me the gig. Having a blog or one-page portfolio site with links or aggregations of all these things is one thing. Overlaying your site over the rest of the web and navigating between the relevant pages is something totally different.

If I visit the site of Boston-based ad agency Modernista I am confronted with their wikipedia entry but overlaid with a small navigation in the top left corner. Using their navigation you skip to their ads on YouTube, their print work on flickr and their digital work linked from What they’ve effectively done is ‘brand’ each of the sites with their own little device. This removes the age-old tyranny of the agency having old/outdated/stale site content.

I love this. It may be a bit gimmicky. It may have been done before, but never as effectively and elegantly. In fact, I’ll stop trying to explain it, go and have a look for yourselves.


Oh no! I haven’t posted for weeks. How bad am I… My blog will have lost ‘Google juice’ (whatever that is), my technorati rating will have dropped through the floor. Whatever! I have a feast of things to come. Sometimes these things just take time.

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One Response to Modernista – aggregation in the extreme

  1. Adam O says:

    slacker… not that’ve blogged anything in quite a while. 🙂

    They must save an absolute fortune in hosting fees only dishing up a menubar. It is an interesting concept though and could easily be adapted to do much more.

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