Design by committee

We’ve all been there. Internal client power struggles, lots of ideas and no direction, missing the point of their own briefing, over analysis of information or too much hiding behind research.

Clients do, on the whole, tend to listen when you advise them (politely) against numpty comments or suggestions but now and again for the aforementioned reasons, and others, you get the following scenario.

I think the actions of the designer at 3:57 sum up my general feelings when I’m on the end of such a call. In fact, this is the very reason why I hate presenting creative via conference call. Clients will be more considerate towards your suggestions and be far less inclined to run off at the mouth trying to fill silences when you are face to face.

Moral of the story. Always present you creative in person, never over the phone.

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One Response to Design by committee

  1. boblet says:

    Absolutely hilarious!

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