Recreating a masterpiece

Anyone who knows me may also know how much I love the work of Wim Crouwel. A dutch designer or some repute, he rose to design fame through the 60s with some beautiful typeface and poster designs.

One partcular poster of his ‘Vormgevers”, created for an exhibition at the Stedelijk museum in Amsterdam in June 1968, is a particular favourite and one of his most famous pieces.

Fast forward 38 years. Mark Blamire of the poster website Blanka wanted to offer copies of the poster for sale on the site. Unfortunately, after contacting Wim Crouwel it emerged that no original artwork or plates existed from which to create a replica.

Copies of the poster only come on sale every 3 years or so and run to €1000. Mark ended up putting his hands deep into his pockets to get hold of a copy from a dealer in Switzerland. It was then that the real work began. Remember, this was 1968. It wasn’t artworked up in Quark or Illustrator. It is riddled with little idiosyncrasies that only a hand-drawn piece of artwork would be.

Creating the replica prints is a fascinating story of perseverance, dedication and commitment to maintaining the imperfect beauty of the original and which rolls out over two years.

The story continues on the Creative Review blog.

Slide over the the blanka website and get your order in. Mine is.

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