Design (and a little thought) can save the planet

A week or so ago my partner brought home a pair of new shoes from Aldo. Nothing very strange in that. But it was the packaging that caught my eye.

Traditionally when buying a pair of shoes, they are presented in a nice sturdy cardboard box. At the checkout this box would then be placed in a plastic bag to carry home. In my mind this was always a bit like putting a Pineapple in one of those vegetable bags at the supermarket. This was compounded by the fact that shoe stores seem to like to provide very thick gauge plastic bags.

The Aldo design team have applied a little thought to this problem and incorporated a simple cord carry handle into the shoe box itself. Couple this with a clever little flap to prevent the box opening inadvertently and hey presto – a reduction in both costs for the store and waste in the landfill. The box goes in recycling (as before) but no more plastic bag to worry about.

If they extend this thinking a little further so that the handle is completely cardboard it would make it perfect.

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