What is graphic design?

About 12 years ago whilst at art college I, along with some fellow students, had to create a presentation as part of a critical studies module. My group chose the subject ‘What is graphic design?’. Even though I say it myself, we produced a pretty stunning presentation with references to everyone from famous designers to Heat the movie and Rolf Harris. In fact, one of the audience approached me after our performance and stated that he felt it was a ‘giant fart in the bath tub that is presentations’. I think he was being complimentary.

As part of the presentation we showed a video of us asking the general public on the streets what they thought graphic design was. We had some stunning quotes and some hilarious outtakes including the response of a dog to the question and an old chap calling me a ‘cheeky monkey’ for creeping up behind him with a video camera. I’d love a copy of that video but I believe one of the group whom I am no longer in touch with has the only copy – on VHS.

Anyway, the reason for all this is that Studio Pip and Co. have only gone and done exactly the same exercise. But this time, it’s on YouTube. (As ours would no doubt have been had YouTube existed back then!)

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