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links for 2008-10-23

Poladroid project : the easiest and funniest Polaroid Image Maker (tags: webtools design poladroid photos images converter photography tools) Advertisements

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Radio silence for three weeks

Things will be pretty quiet round here for the next few weeks. I’m off to get married (very exciting) this weekend and will be away on honeymoon thereafter (just as exciting but in a different way). During this time I … Continue reading

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links for 2008-10-22

The most depressing moments of your working life. – Rory Sutherland's Blog – Blogs – Brand Republic (tags: business agency pitch rant process clients funny) Laconica – The Open Microblogging Tool (tags: laconica source microblog blog twitter microblogging tools collaboration … Continue reading

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links for 2008-10-21

Tokyo Tuesday: Japan, right now. | 東京の火曜日 (tags: japan design reference visualization statistics data infographics culture) Join the Co-op Stay in tune with your co-workers. Ask questions, share knowledge, track time, and update agendas all in one place: Co-op. (tags: … Continue reading

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Lorem Ipsum. Just say No.

A very good friend of mine over at Made by Many, Isaac Pinnock, blogged recently about his hatred of the use of Lorem Ipsum dummy text in design mock ups. I share this loathing for all the reasons that he … Continue reading

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links for 2008-10-20

Alan's keynote at Agile 2008 I was asked by the leadership of the Agile 2008 Conference to give the closing keynote address at their annual conference in Toronto. The audience at Agile08 consisted of about 1500 programmers, engineers, product managers, … Continue reading

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links for 2008-10-17

headup Beta! | Home (tags: firefox extension semantinet socialmedia semanticweb tool) Life In Perpetual Beta (tags: blog movie life storytelling web3.0 beta inspiration philosophy interviews)

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