What’s in a name?

OK, I’ve just realised (in a slightly amateurish way) that there was already a company based in the UK called DigitalBehaviour. Therefore, my grand plans for BehaviourDigital as mentioned in my previous post have fallen flat before the first hurdle. I’m still going ahead with my plan but it will now be under a different name.

In the spirit of crowdsourced ideas and the wisdom of the collective I’d like some user generated business name ideas. I’ll kick things off with a couple of suggestions using the new (slighty ugly) polling feature in WordPress but you can add you own in the comments.

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3 Responses to What’s in a name?

  1. What do you think about:

    – Digital Form
    – Pixel Digits
    – Digital Studio

  2. Adam Osborne says:

    I’d say listen to Dara, she’s good at this stuff 🙂

  3. James Higgs says:

    Looks like a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate my earlier suggestions.

    SpinnySpideyWebOfSpin FTW!

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