Lorem Ipsum. Just say No.

A very good friend of mine over at Made by Many, Isaac Pinnock, blogged recently about his hatred of the use of Lorem Ipsum dummy text in design mock ups.

I share this loathing for all the reasons that he mentions in his post.

And if any further proof were need that it’s a bad idea, check out this example I’ve just seen on a site linked from TechCrunch.

The screen shot on TechCrunch shows the offending copy. See CarZen for yourself. And no, the fact that they are in Beta doesn’t excuse them.


The title of this post reminded me of this video. Just say No!

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6 Responses to Lorem Ipsum. Just say No.

  1. Matt Conn says:

    Hmm, might have to disagree with you on this one.

    I don’t really see how using ‘Lorem’ causes any issues? In the example you post above it’s bad but then it’s also obviously an error, it isn’t meant to be there. You could argue that it also shouldn’t have a bunch of swear words at the end of a sentence.

    I do however believe it needs to be used intelligently. We still need to cover all possibilities and eventualities (i.e titles running onto another line, how does it work with ten words and a thousand etc). I think the only exception is text used on interactive/informational elements where one or two words are all that’s needed. If that’s the case we should label elements appropriately even at the early stages of a project.

    Of course in a utopian world we’d get all the copy we needed on day one, but until that time I for one will fly the flag for ‘Lorem’!

  2. Eddie says:

    I can’t see the issue with Lorem Ipsum, apart from spell checking the bugger, but the above example just shows laziness on behalf of the developers.

    Hold on – it’s just dawned on me that using Lorem Ipsum is perhaps laziness on behalf of the designer.

    Bardus ergo sum!

  3. simonianson says:

    Using Lorem is laziness. Whatever you are designing there is an example of real text that can be used for the layout. Designing a blog? Copy / Paste some text from a blog with a similar subject. The problem with Lipsum is that the designer will always edit it to look good, rather than function correctly. And if we’re doing that we’re not designers, just decorators. Any designer that’s been doing their job for any time at all should be able to write intelligent instructional copy. If you write it at least the client can than change it. If it’s not written by the designer then often it’ll never get written and we get the problem above.

  4. Matt Conn says:

    Ok, here’s the deal. If, as an example, I was designing a blog about music, I would definitely enter a made up article title, let’s say, “Liam Gallagher punches old woman at bus stop”, as it’s a prominent, noticable addition to the page, so in that respect, I agree with you.

    But the copy block I use thereafter for the actual article I would always use Lorem. Nobody is going to actually read this copy are they? And it is a good representation of a large portion of written text.

    So in summary, I guess I half agree with you. I still stand by the fact that the TechCrunch example is just a silly oversight on behalf of the developer though (I can honestly say I’ve never seen it happen before).

    Anyway, nothing like a bit of healthy discussion!

  5. simonianson says:

    @Matt Conn Discussion is good – blog comments are good for it. I knew I’d hit a nerve with a post on here eventually. Back to the topic. What does your music blog post look like with just 20 words? What does it look like if you have, as I do, a feed from your delicious bookmarks. Lorem can’t mimic this stuff. You have to put in real content to design it effectively for its multiple states.

  6. Matt Conn says:

    I would like to refer the honourable gentleman back to my initial post which admitted that Lorem still needs to be used intelligently, exploring how such blocks of text would function with varying amounts of copy (something that needs doing regardless of what the copy actually says).

    It seems I’m diluting my argument each time I post but I guess my overall point is (IMO) Lorem is fine for some elements (basically block text) and not for others (links/buttons/labels/titling)…

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