Link digest. November 2008

Instead of automating my delicious links to appear on this blog in a rather lazy way, from now I’m going to post a selection of my best bookmarks manually each month with a little explanation and context. After all, my delicious links are rolled into the right hand side of the blog anyway so it seems a little fatuous to duplicate them in the same format in the body of the blog.

So, for the first installment I thought I’d post the latest additions to my RSS reader.

I must admit to having a slight obsession with conferences and talks, inparticular Ted. But if, like me, the two videos a week posted on the Ted site aren’t enough for you then you should go and check out the Pop!Tech conference videos. Along the same lines as Ted, it’s just more of the same sort of stuff to help pass the commute. In their words…

Pop!Tech is a one-of-a-kind conference, a community of remarkable people, and an ongoing conversation about science, technology and the future of ideas.

The Lift conference is also worth a subscription and has a huge back catalogue of videos from both their Europe and Asia conferences dating back to 2006. In their words…

Lift is a series of events built around a community of doers and thinkers who get together in Europe and Asia to explore the social consequences of new technologies. Each conference is a chance to turn changes into opportunities by anticipating the major shifts ahead, and meeting the people who drive them.

On a more design related note, Noisy Decent Graphics from Ben Terrett is a great digest of his thoughts and opinions on design work and the odd rant on things that get on his goat. Very visual (something this blog could do with more of) it’s always relevant and unpretentious. This post reviewing some recent identity redesigns is a great example of the type of stuff he writes about and how he’s not shy of airing his opinions. Even the title of the post is great!

As a source of design inspiration, FormFiftyFive is a constant stream of links to portfolio and agency sites exhibiting some exceptional work. With contributions by many designers from around the world, FormFiftyFive used to be The Serif.

Viewing life ‘filtered through design’ is Michael Surtees’s DesignNotes. Inparticular, his Link Drop posts are great for discovering yet more design related goodness from around the web.

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One Response to Link digest. November 2008

  1. Eddie says:

    Bravo Simon.

    Always enjoy your links, but the context is now soooo much betterer!

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