Portfolio up and running. A vision in brown.

For those of you that it affected, thanks for putting up with some poor styling and a constantly changing masthead graphic last week.  I think I’m largely happy with the final blog design. It’s pretty straightforward and sits well with my portfolio site and my business card designs.

Talking of the portfolio site. I just want to say a couple of words about the rather fine piece of software that is Indexhibit. Aimed at designers, artists and anyone wanting to put together a simple gallery of work it’s easy to install, use and skin up to your requirements.

Portfolio site screenshot

The new portfolio site

For any designer, it’s always a hassle putting up your own portfolio site. Resizing screenshots of work, hand coding html, hacking CSS to get it to work in IE6 – the usual stuff. Indexhibit allows you to concentrate on curating your work and preparing images. Once the main template is set, it’s a very quick process to reorder navigation items, rename pages and drop images in. It’s also more likely to be kept up to date as it’s so quick and easy to add content.

Indexhibit admin page

Indexhibit admin page

It’s been so good, I think I’ll use it to show my archive of work from the retrospective project.

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One Response to Portfolio up and running. A vision in brown.

  1. Charlie Gibbs says:

    Loving the new site, looks great and very professional. I would definitely hire you if I needed an exceptional, experienced designer 😉


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