When design becomes less about design and more about decorating

Eric Karjaluoto over at Ideas on Ideas has written a great post about how design as a skill and profrssion has become a great mimic-fest. How there’s a race to the bottom of faddy design whipped up by very talented people who are extremely adept at mimicry but very much lacking in methodology and discernible design skill.

I’ve found this many times when interviewing designers. Lots of style over substance and surface gloss. An impressive portfolio of expertly executed Photoshop effects but lacking when it comes to reasoning, process, rigorous thought or any of the other traits or skills that mark a true designer out from the stylists. Anyway, enough from me, I’ll leave it to Eric and his post – Drones at the karaoke lounge of design.

“The newest design blogs are particularly telling of this as they largely seem to concentrate on a steady-stream of eye-candy and visual masturbation. Seemingly, the past year has played host to the superseding of actual writing and reflection on design to vapid graphical lists like “25 Great Green Websites”. Easy to create, bookmark, and subsequently mimic, it’s as though we’ve collectively walked into the great karaoke lounge of design–all of it somehow comforting but unlikely to result in anything of substance.”

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