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Keep calm…

In response to the news that Sony’s PlayStation Network has been hacked and millions of card details compromised. Advertisements

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Is Gordon Brown still Prime Minster?

An idea that came out of nowhere in the office between Isaac and myself late yesterday evening, launched this morning and seems to have ‘gone viral‘ on Twitter in the space of a few hours. Now that’s agile! A simple answer to … Continue reading

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Noted in passing

Saw this a while ago and have only just remembered that I photographed it. It’s outside the Tate modern in London where some building works are going on. Nice to see a little wit applied to the ordinary. This has … Continue reading

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Radio silence for three weeks

Things will be pretty quiet round here for the next few weeks. I’m off to get married (very exciting) this weekend and will be away on honeymoon thereafter (just as exciting but in a different way). During this time I … Continue reading

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What is graphic design?

About 12 years ago whilst at art college I, along with some fellow students, had to create a presentation as part of a critical studies module. My group chose the subject ‘What is graphic design?’. Even though I say it … Continue reading

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Design by committee

We’ve all been there. Internal client power struggles, lots of ideas and no direction, missing the point of their own briefing, over analysis of information or too much hiding behind research. Clients do, on the whole, tend to listen when … Continue reading

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