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How to do design on an agile project

Everyone’s doing agile. The days of the monolithic project are seemingly numbered. Whether that’s true or not I’m not sure. There will always be the big enterprise stuff going on somewhere. But for the rest of us it’s getting quicker … Continue reading

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Ideas are nothing without the execution

I’ve just watched the second installment of ‘Big Chef Takes on Little Chef‘, the concept of which revolves around trying to reinvigorate the fortunes of the Little Chef roadside restaurant chain. I’ve probably been to a Little Chef once in … Continue reading

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Obama’s Inaugural Address Tag Cloud

Full transcript can be found here. And to see how (visually) he got to this point, take a look at this visual digest of Obama’s run for office.

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Portfolio up and running. A vision in brown.

For those of you that it affected, thanks for putting up with some poor styling and a constantly changing masthead graphic last week.  I think I’m largely happy with the final blog design. It’s pretty straightforward and sits well with … Continue reading

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Site redesign

Please excuse any display anomalies while I rejig the style sheets driving this blog. Things may shift in transit. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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Have all the best ideas been done before?

When The Guardian first ran their rather beautiful set of print ads executed by Wieden + Kennedy back in 2007 there was something intriguing about one of the posters in particular. Something familiar. At the time I put it down … Continue reading

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